The Resilient Mr. Otis

Otis 1.jpg

Like so many rescue stories, Otis is one of remarkable recovery and amazing human intervention. And like so many who are adopted out through Helping Hounds, Otis began his life in Texas. We believe he was cared for and that during the very early months of his life, his physical needs were met. Whether he was loved and treated like a family member is unknown.

When he was four months old, Otis was kicked by a horse and left seriously injured. He hobbled and favored his right hind leg for three days before he was seen by a veterinarian. Upon examination, it was concluded that Otis’s leg was shattered. His then humans asked that he be “put down”. The optimistic and caring vet gained their permission and he was surrendered to her care. She amputated his injured leg and neutered him.

Otis 2.jpg

Otis began his road to rescue at the veterinarian’s home where she and her family nursed and cared for him as he continued his puppy-hood and learned to adjust to his new physical conditions. After several weeks, Otis was transferred to a loving foster home and scheduled to make his journey North to Helping Hounds.

Otis 3.jpg

He was adopted into a home with two parents, two human brothers, an older canine sister and a feline brother. He has no idea that something is missing on his body. He runs and plays and loves his life. Without the wonderful intervention of some very kind humans, the world would not know the enduring spirit and love of this beautiful boy.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Otis find a “new leash on life.”