The Light of Luna

Luna 1.jpg

Luna made her way to HHDR from Alabama in October 2015, via our rescue partner Save a Stray. She had spent the first year of her life with a family who sadly had to give her up, and after a few weeks with a foster family, she made the journey to CNY.

There was a lot of interest in this adorable miniature Schnauzer, so she spent just one night at HHDR before being adopted by her forever family, consisting of Mom, Dad, and a human sister. We are happy to share a pupdate about this sweet girl.

Luna 2.jpg

Luna is dearly loved and is truly a family dog. She makes sure to spend quality one-on-one time with each member of her family every day. She plays with her Dad, goes for walks with her Mom, and cuddles with her girl. But family time all together is her favorite. Luna is a favorite around her neighborhood because she is so friendly to all dogs and people, especially children. Every morning she goes for a walk with another HHDR alum who lives next door. Despite her small stature, Luna plays with all the big dogs. She likes to go hiking or to the beach with her family. At home, she loves to chase her favorite toys: moose, rabbit, and hedgehog. She enjoys wrestling – her signature move is the headfirst somersault.

Luna 3.jpg

Luna has earned the alias “Hairy Houdini” due to her incredible ability to escape from any enclosure. She never runs away from home, she just wants to be able to go wherever she pleases whenever she pleases. Luna stays very busy providing security for her family. She patrols her fenced in yard frequently to ensure that no squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks, or birds enter her territory. She has her own doggie door so she can stay on top of this full-time job. Once she is satisfied with yard security, she will relax by sunning in the yard or romping in the snow, depending on the time of year. We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Luna find a “new leash on life!