Another Chance for Chuck

Chuck 1.jpg

Chuck made his way to HHDR from Texas in September 2017 via our rescue partners. His journey to finding his forever home was full of ups and downs. Chuck was adopted by three different families in September, October, and November 2017, only to be returned each time. Our staff and volunteers worked diligently with Chuck on his behavioral problems while he waited and waited for another chance. In February 2018, another family fell in love with Chuck and took him home for good.

 We are happy to report that this handsome boy found a perfect fit. Thanks to Chuck’s human sister for sharing the following pupdate:

 When our family went into Helping Hounds 1.5 years ago, we were looking for a smaller-sized dog, and Dad preferred that our new family member not be an expert at shedding. Ironically, we came across Chuck. Half Great Dane, half Lab, this pup was not small, nor was he shy of leaving his hair everywhere. He came from Texas, so seeing how much he loved to play in the snow came as a surprise to us.

 Though he found a special place in our family, Chuck had been returned three times before due to a dominance issue. We knew what we were getting into when we adopted him. Chuck, on the other hand, would have to learn the hard way. With a military father and an emotional teenage girl who had no problem fighting over her food (Chuck’s greatest motivator of misbehavior), he would soon find out that he was not head doggo. Although he still gives me puppy dog eyes when I bake cookies, and he tip toes into the kitchen when he hears the fridge open, his begging, counter surfing, and dominance issues have subsided. Chuck loves to go on walks - no leash needed. He loves the company of humans and the attention he gets at gatherings. Recently, he’s also enjoyed befriending other dogs!

Chuck 2.jpg

 He goes to his place (his bed) when told, but some attitude may apply. When Dad uses the vacuum, Chuck comes over asking to have it used on him. When I use the vacuum, it becomes the enemy. Our little family is now complete with this versatile companion who acts like a lazy Great Dane indoors and a crazy Lab outside. We are so grateful that we chose exactly what we weren't looking for. Having a dog truly makes your house a home. Thank you so much for introducing my father to his bestest friend! 

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Chuck find a “new leash on life!”

Requesting Her Own Rescue

Deena 3.png

Deena (formerly Didina) made her way to HHDR from Texas in December 2017 via our rescue partners. Before she was rescued, Deena lived with an owner who treated her poorly. One day rescuers came to the house next door to pick up some dogs who had been abandoned. Realizing this could be her chance to escape, Deena walked over and jumped in their truck essentially requesting her own rescue! Although it wasn’t possible to take her that day, the rescue angels eventually convinced her owner to let her go. Deena enjoyed a few weeks in a foster home, then made the journey north to Central New York in hopes of finding a better life.  

Deena quickly endeared herself to HHDR staff and volunteers with her happy, loving nature and constantly wagging tail. She wrote a letter to Santa sharing her deepest wish for a loving forever home. Less than a week after arriving at HHDR, Deena was adopted by her new Mom and Dad.  

 We are happy to share a pupdate about this sweetheart. When Deena first went home, the emotional scars from being mistreated in her past life were evident. She cowered any time she heard a loud noise, and she had no idea how to play. Her new family helped her to adjust and learn how to live in a home filled with love. Deena is now very happy and well adjusted.

Deena 2.png

 Deena has settled in comfortably and is enjoying life with her family. She “talks” when she wants food/water, to go outside, or just attention. Deena loves to run in the yard and enjoys hard chew toys. Any time she gets a new toy, she immediately removes the squeaker. We are so proud of Deena for assertively requesting to be rescued and so happy she found the loving home she deserves.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Deena find a “new leash on life!”

Chasing Tennis Balls . . . . and Dreams!

Cammie 2.jpg

Cammie (formerly Samantha) made her way to HHDR from Texas in August 2016 via our rescue partners. She had been surrendered to Texas Pit Crew from an animal hoarding situation when she was about 8 months old. She was adopted the day she arrived at HHDR, but was later returned due to aggression toward cats. Cammie spent the Fall with us and became a staff and volunteer favorite due to her exuberance and unparalleled love of chasing tennis balls. After writing a letter to Santa, she was adopted again in early December 2016. However, she was returned in February 2017, this time due to being highly reactive to moving vehicles. Finally, in March 2017, the dream of a forever home that Cammie had been chasing finally came true! She happily headed home with her new Mom, Dad, and dog brother Jax.

We are happy to share a pupdate about this energetic girl. Cammie's absolute favorite activity is still chasing a ball – be it on grass, snow, or even water! She has become an avid swimmer after spending weekends at her grandparents’ house on Skaneateles lake. She enjoys going for rides in the car and gets excited any time she hears Mom or Dad ask, “do you wanna…?” Cammie loves hanging out with her older beagle brother Jax and stays busy supervising Mom’s young nieces and nephews. She is always up for a romp around the yard, but she’s also happy snuggling up in bed or on the couch with Mom and Dad.

Cammie 3.jpg

Mom said Cammie is the best dog they could ever imagine. Cammie is very smart and trainable. Her parents admire her versatility and willingness to try new things, whether it be jumping off the dock into the lake or visiting the barn to meet horse friends. Thanks to her never-ending energy, Cammie has inspired her parents to be more active.

Cammie has also helped her parents cultivate patience. Despite having great overall "factory settings," Cammie did have some behavioral issues she needed to overcome. Fortunately, her parents took the time to understand her strong herding instinct and other factors that led to bad habits. Thanks to their dedication and lots of positive reinforcement for good behavior, Cammie was able to work through her dislike of cats and her reactivity to moving vehicles.

Cammie 4.jpg

Cammie’s parents said they hit the jackpot with their girl. She has not yet met a person who hasn't fallen in love with her thanks to her sweet, loving, happy-go-lucky attitude. We are so grateful that Cammie found her forever family and the unconditional love – and willingness to endlessly throw her tennis ball – that she deserves.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Cammie find a “new leash on life!”

Gentle Giant

Thrym 2.jpg

Thrym (formerly Dozer) made his way to HHDR from Texas in April 2018 via our rescue partner Love on Wheels. He was adopted within a few days and was thrilled to join his forever family consisting of his new Mom, Dad and cat siblings! We are happy to share a pupdate about this big boy.

The name Thrym is of Norse origin and means “giant,” which is very fitting for him given his size. Thrym has a big personality to match his big frame. He likes to pull blankets off the couch and fluff them just so to make a comfy bed. He also likes to sneak in the guest room and fashion the guest bed comforter into a cozy bed. Thrym is a master of grunting, groaning, and sighing. When he finally finds the perfect spot on the couch, he lets out a mighty sigh and groan as he settles in. He also delivers expert “super sad dog face” complete with pouty eyes. Thrym is a smart boy who did very well in obedience class.

Thrym 1.jpg

Thrym loves car rides, walks, running with other dogs, and sleeping in the bed with his parents. He also enjoys laying in the cool dirt after digging a hole and sniffing around the kitchen counter in search of food that was accidentally left out. He loves bones from the Farmers Market, but he doesn’t like to lay down and chew them. He prefers that Mom or Dad hold his slimy bone for him. Here he is requesting a hand:

Thrym enjoys his daily routine. Every morning when Mom comes downstairs he knows to go to his room - yes, he has his own room! He enjoys going on adventures too. He has gone on camping trips as well as a 10-mile hike along the Erie Canal Trail. He also tags along with Mom and Dad as they attend Viking reenactments during which the whole family, including Thrym, dresses up.

Thrym 3.jpg

Thrym’s parents said they love their big goofus and all the smiles he brings. They have enjoyed seeing his personality and quirks develop as he settled in to his new home and started to grow out of being a puppy. We are grateful Thrym has found his forever home and wish him and his family many more fun adventures together.  

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Thrym find a “new leash on life!”

"Tri-Pawed" Trooper

Ghost 1.jpg

Ghost (formerly Kat) made his way to HHDR from Texas in February 2018 via our rescue partners. He was 2 years old and had lost his entire front right leg, but he was a trooper and never let that slow him down. Ghost’s regal good looks and friendly husky nature charmed the HHDR staff and volunteers. In March 2018, Ghost was adopted by his forever family, consisting of his new Mom, Dad, 3 human siblings, and 3 cats.  

We are happy to share a pupdate about this handsome boy. Born and raised in Texas herself, Mom is assertive and was able to provide the firm boundaries Ghost needed to thrive (after having been adopted previously, but returned for dominant behavior). On the second day in his new home, Ghost jumped on to the couch and growled to establish his territory. Mom marched over to him, told him “you don’t know who you’re messing with,” and grabbed his collar to guide him off the couch. Mom seemed to earn Ghost’s respect and became his “person” in that moment.   

Ghost 2.jpg

Ghost is Mom’s loyal shadow, escorting her to the door every morning as she leaves for work, watching her leave from the window, waiting in the window for her arrival after work, and greeting her as she comes inside. During the day Ghost patrols the house and plays with the cats while he waits for the kids to get home from school. At night, he sleeps at the foot of the stairs, protecting his family.  

Ghost loves going hiking, chasing rabbits, and hanging out in the front yard under his favorite tree where he interacts with neighbors and their pets as they walk by. He earned the nickname “wolf dog” because he tilts his head back and howls along with sirens in the distance. Ghost is very friendly and lovable. He enjoys socializing at local stores, especially Lowe’s and Petsmart where he is affectionately known as the “tri-pawed.”  

Ghost 3.jpg

Mom said Ghost is silly, smart, mischievous, and loving, and fits perfectly into their crazy family. She called adopting Ghost the best decision she has made in years. We are so happy that Ghost has found such a wonderful forever home.  

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Ghost find a “new leash on life!”

Oh, Those Ears!

Ryker 1.jpg

Ryker (formerly King) made his way to HHDR from Texas in January 2018 via Operation Pets Alive. He and some friends were transferred to us to help make room for the many dogs displaced by Hurricane Harvey. We quickly realized that, although he lacked manners and could be a bit naughty, he clearly had a good heart and a desire to please. He was still a puppy with tons of energy to burn at 8 months old. Fortunately, he was extremely food motivated and enjoyed training, playing with other dogs, and going on outings with volunteers.

Ryker’s cute face, with one ear up and one down, tempted many families. But one after another passed due to his intensity. After 9 weeks of waiting, Ryker’s moment arrived on March 15, 2018 when a couple recognized his potential and decided they were up for the challenge. They would give him the firm, but loving, structure he needed to thrive, and he would help their hearts heal after the loss of their previous dog. Ryker was thrilled to join his new Mom and Dad!

Ryker 3.jpeg

We are happy to share a pupdate about this crazy boy. He adjusted well to his new home and likes having a daily routine. He adores his parents and loves to be with them at all times. He is goofy and playful, but also very smart. He knows how to sit, shake, lie down, and go to his place.

Ryker’s favorite pastimes are going for walks, playing tug of war, going to doggy daycare, and playing with his canine friends Stormy and Munch who live across the street. He enjoys hiding under the bed, and he loves popcorn and carrots. He is excited to go swimming again this summer.

Ryker 2.jpeg

Mom and Dad say life is crazy with Ryker because he is a handful, but in a good way. At his core he is a true sweetheart, and his family couldn’t be happier to share their life with him!

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Ryker find a “new leash on life!

Hope For Harvey

Harvey 1.jpg

Harvey made his way to HHDR from Texas in February 2017, via our rescue partner Love on Wheels. Before being rescued, Harvey and over 200 other animals endured deplorable living conditions in a horrific animal hoarding situation. Poor Harvey arrived to his foster home very scared and very ill, with a severe case of mange. As he was nursed back to health, he slowly adjusted to the comforts of living in a home and his sweet personality began to emerge.

Harvey 1.png

Due to his history and the stress of the road trip, Harvey arrived shy, scared, and easily startled. He was retreating into his fear, so we worked with him by showing him affection and taking him on outings. We had hope for Harvey that the right family would come for him. Finally, in April 2017, Harvey was adopted by someone who understood his needs and was willing to be patient and help him learn to trust again. He went home with his new Mom and dog brother Yogi.

We are happy to share a pupdate about this sweet boy. When Harvey was first adopted, he was so fearful that would hide for hours at a time by Mom’s bed or in the bathroom after hearing a loud noise. Now that he knows he is safe in his forever home, he rarely goes to his hiding spots, and when he does, he doesn't stay long. He is still a little unsure about loud noises, new people, and new situations, but he has come a long way. Mom said she is proud of her brave boy and seeing him comfortable and happy is the best feeling.

Harvey 3.JPG

Harvey’s favorite adventure is walking trails in the woods near his house. He is not scared at all on the trails, and he just loves walking and sniffing around. Harvey often tries to get his older yet smaller fur brother Yogi to play. He'll paw at Yogi to wake him up and invite him to play, but unfortunately Yogi isn’t usually up for it. It’s adorable when they do play together, and the brothers also hang out together on the couch. Harvey gets to play with someone his own size when his lab cousin visits from New York City.

 Harvey loves to chew his bones, sniff around his backyard, cuddle with Mom on the couch and in bed at night, and visit his Grammie & Grampie as well as his friends at HHDR. Harvey has several toys that stay upstairs in Mom’s bedroom, and every day he'll go up and put them on the bed after they get up. Sometimes he naps in bed with his head on the pillow like a human and his toys surrounding him on the bed. We are so happy that he feels secure enough to truly relax.

Harvey 2.JPG

We are grateful to everyone involved in rescuing Harvey (and the other animals he originally lived with), including Animal Investigation & Response, Callahan County Sheriff, Abilene Police Department, Humane Society of North Texas, Rescue the Animals, City of Abilene Animal Services, Humane Tomorrow’s Love on Wheels program, his foster family in Texas, and his forever family in CNY.

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Harvey find a “new leash on life!”

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Rusty 3.jpg

Rusty first made his way to HHDR from Texas in September 2016 via our rescue partner Underdog Express. He was adopted the day he arrived and lived happily with his new family for a year and a half. Rusty was returned to us in March 2018 due to a family member’s health problems. We welcomed him back and prepared to find him a new loving home.

 Rusty was struggling with allergies that had caused much of his hair to fall out leaving large bald spots. He stayed at the rescue for a couple months receiving medication and special prescription food to clear up his allergies. While our staff and volunteers fell in love with his amazing personality, Rusty’s unusual appearance led many potential adopters to overlook him.

Rusty 1.jpg

 Finally, a special couple saw past Rusty’s skin issues and recognized the beautiful spirit within. In May 2018, he was adopted. Rusty was thrilled to join his forever family and head home to a large yard all his own. His new Mom and Dad had lost their last fur baby about five years prior and couldn’t imagine giving their hearts away again. But when they saw Rusty’s face on the HHDR website, they knew he belonged with them. We are happy to share a pupdate on this sweet boy. His hair grew back and he put on some weight as he continued to recover from the allergies. He is now healthy and very handsome.

 Rusty loves going for long walks, playing catch in the yard, and visiting the nearby creek. He is always excited to jump in the car for a ride, even if it's just down the road. He will squeak one of his toys to get his parents to pay attention if they are watching television. He is an extremely friendly dog and greats everyone with a tail wag.

Rusty 2.jpg

 Rusty’s parents said he has made a huge difference in their lives. He made their home complete. Now they are thinking about returning to HHDR to find him a playmate. We are thankful Rusty’s parents knew that beauty is more than skin deep.

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Rusty find a “new leash on life!”

From Chained to a Tree to Sleeping on Her Own Couch

Sasha 3.jpg

Sasha made her way to HHDR from Texas in December 2017 via our rescue partner Love on Wheels. Before she was rescued, Sasha's life was a sad and lonely one, chained to a tree outside. When her freedom day finally arrived, it was almost too late, as she was emaciated, had pneumonia, and was infested with multiple parasites including heartworm. At first, her rescuers feared she might not survive, but Sasha is a true fighter! She battled her way through her many medical issues. However, she still needed to learn how to trust and love again.

Sasha 1.JPG

 After months of tender loving care from a dedicated foster family, Sasha was ready for the journey North to start a better life. She was adopted the day she arrived at HHDR by her forever family. We are happy to share a pupdate about this remarkable girl.

 At first Sasha, was a bit shy and reserved in her new home, but she instantly took to her younger (but larger) furry brother, TJ, and then gradually warmed up to the rest of the family as well. She enjoys going on long walks, hanging out in the backyard, playing with her fur brother, and making new friends at doggie daycare. Sasha loves to bark at absolutely nothing, sometimes in the middle of night, which her family is used to because it’s a Pyrenees thing! She is great at letting her parents know when a visitor comes down the driveway, a neighbor gets in their car, or a leaf blows in the yard.

Sasha 2.JPG

 Sasha loves to hang out in her Dad's office and sleep on the couch during the day. She made it very clear to her family that it’s her couch! At the end of the day she waits at the door for her Mom to get home from work. Sasha’s family said she is so sweet and loving, and they feel blessed to have her. They believe that when Sasha is sleeping peacefully on “her couch,” she no longer remembers those bad days from her old life chained to a tree.

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Sasha find a “new leash on life!”

When Patience Pays Off

Stella 1.jpg

Stella (formerly Jada), made her way to HHDR from the streets of Syracuse. After being picked up as a stray, she was not adopted through the city’s then shelter program at Dewitt Animal Hospital, so she came to us in December 2016, with her paws crossed that we could find her a forever home. She appeared to be about 3 years old and had been a mother at some point.  

With her calm and loving disposition, Stella was beloved by HHDR staff and volunteers. But for some reason, perhaps her perceived breed or her need to be the only dog in the home, no one was interested in making her their own. We tried everything to promote her: she went to tons of community events, starred in a Facebook video, and rode shotgun in our float for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. As weeks turned to months, her spirit began to break. Although we tried to keep her occupied with toys, puzzles, outings, and extra cuddles, the stress of being no one’s dog eventually set in. Just as we started to worry that she was giving up, her lucky day finally came! On March 14, 2017, in the midst of a fierce snow storm, called Stella, Stella was adopted and happily headed home with her new dad.  

Stella 2.jpg

We are happy to share a pupdate about this sweet girl. Stella’s patience paid off as she was blessed with a nurturing Dad who spoils her like she deserves. She goes almost everywhere Dad goes. She loves to ride in the car, go for walks at the parkway, and play with her new brother Tucker (formerly Trawler), who was adopted from HHDR in early 2019. Stella was not a huge fan of other dogs at first, but after a lot of walks and socialization she now enjoys having a playmate. She has always been great with people. With her sweet nature, Stella wins everyone over, even those that are afraid of or not fans of so-called “bully” breeds.  

Stella 3.jpg

Stella’s favorite activity is a good nap on the couch. She sleeps like a human when it’s time for bed, requiring her own pillow and blanket before she’s content. She loves to roll on her back in the grass, especially right after a bath. Stella smiles big when she is happy. HHDR staff and volunteers love to see her adorable smile when she comes to an event or to the rescue to visit.  

Stella 4.jpg

Stella’s Dad said she has been the greatest addition to his household. They bonded quickly and have been inseparable ever since. Stella has learned to trust and feel secure having her own person and home. She went from nervous and withdrawn to confident and outgoing. Her Dad hopes Stella’s story inspires potential adopters to take another look at all those dogs who have been at the shelter longer than most.  

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Stella find a “new leash on life!”

Abby's Knowing Smile

Abby 1.jpg

Abby (formerly Mona), made her way to HHDR from Alabama in late April 2018 via our rescue partner Save a Stray. Not much is known about Abby’s life before she was rescued at age 2, other than she had been a mother at some point. After 2 weeks with us, Abby’s lucky day arrived. A family whose house felt empty after their yellow Lab passed away months before, had been encouraged to check out HHDR. They came in “just to look” and fell in love with Abby!

After bringing Abby home, her new family realized she had been mistreated at one point because she would cower if someone spoke loudly to her or reached for her. They knew they would have to gain Abby's trust and reassure her she was in a safe and loving home. Abby soon settled in, taking to her new Dad immediately and making friends with the grandchildren. She is the family’s first rescue, and she quickly became queen of the house! About a month or so after adopting Abby, Mom and Dad were saying how they hoped she liked her new home and knew she was loved. They looked down and Abby broke out in this big smile.

Abby 2.jpg

Abby stays busy playing with squeaky toys and patrolling her yard. She tosses her toys in the air and pounces on them, practicing hunting for small prey. When there is an animal intruder in her yard, she goes into stealth mode, moving in slow motion, step by step to sneak up on a bird, mole, or rabbit before pouncing. Abby also enjoys running laps around the yard – she suddenly breaks into a sprint at record speed and then nonchalantly walks to the door once she’s done.

Abby 3.jpg

Inside, Abby rules the house. She loves looking out the window, being underfoot when Mom is in the kitchen, and napping on the furniture. At night, she goes right into her crate when told “it's night night time!” We are so thankful that Abby and her family found each other.

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Abby find a “new leash on life!”

Worth The Wait

BUddy 4.jpg

Buddy was picked up as a stray wandering the streets of Manlius, in November 2015, he spent a few weeks at Fayetteville Animal Hospital, and made his way to HHDR in December 2015. He appeared to be about 2 years old but still had the energy and goofiness of a puppy. His manners were lacking, as he didn’t realize his size when barreling into laps.

 The challenges were many: he was huge, rambunctious, faced stigma as a pit mix, and couldn’t live with other dogs, cats, or young children. As weeks at HHDR turned to months, his spirit began to waver. Our volunteers rallied to help cheer him up, giving him extra cuddle time and taking him on extra outings. One dedicated volunteer even stepped up to foster Buddy. While enjoying a break from the shelter environment, Buddy studied hard and was trained to walk on a leash without pulling, sit and wait patiently, and more. He returned a true gentleman with stellar manners, and we promoted him in videos and showed him off at parades and events. Yet still, Buddy remained nobody’s dog.

Original Buddy 1.jpg

 Finally, after 26 weeks of Buddy waiting patiently at HHDR, a caring dog-lover saw his video online and came in to meet him in June 2016. Buddy had endured one of the longest stays in HHDR history, but in the end, we realized it had been worth the wait to find his true forever family. Our staff and volunteers cried happy tears and celebrated the day Buddy left with his new mom once the adoption became official. We are happy to share a pupdate about this special boy who holds a dear place in our hearts.

Buddy’s favorite thing is to be with his people. He’s happy to sit at Dad’s feet for hours. He loves to play ball outside when it’s nice out, but during the winter he prefers snuggling up on the couch with Mom. Buddy’s favorite treat is carrots. He knows when it’s time for his special treat – he waits by the refrigerator like clockwork. He is so excited to get a carrot, you’d think it were a T-bone steak!

Original Buddy 2.jpg

When Buddy first came home, he settled in as Mom’s special Buddy Boy, while his Dad was living and working in another state. The first time Dad came home to meet Buddy was memorable, as Buddy broke the rules and jumped up on Mom’s bed to stake his claim as “man of the house.” Dad and Buddy quickly bonded once Dad moved home. Although Dad never had a pet as a child or was around dogs much before, he and Buddy grew close and now share a heartwarming connection.

Original Buddy 3.jpg

 Buddy’s mom said she truly feels that he came along at the perfect time in her life. She didn't think she was ready for another dog after having recently helped her previous dog to the Rainbow Bridge, but as soon as she saw the video “Buddy Needs a Home,” she knew she was meant to give Buddy his forever home. Mom said Buddy proves himself as the best dog ever on a daily basis and she doesn't know what their family would do without him.  

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Buddy find a “new leash on life!”

Sooper Cooper (Bean)

Cooper Bean 3.jpg

Imagine the feelings of relief and joy that rush through the heart of a dog who’s been adopted. Walking out of a shelter or rescue in the safe arms of a human who loves you and who has promised you the best life is a comfort like no other. When your human has been a dedicated Helping Hounds Volunteer for six years and then turned her passion for rescuing dogs into a Full-Time HHDR career, the emotional rush of adoption must bring with it so much security, too.

Cooper Bean (formerly Ramone) was found as a stray puppy in May 2018. He was sent to a shelter and picked up by Underdog Express for the Helping Hounds Transport program. He arrived in August of 2018 to HHDR and as his human mom recalls, “I came to work that morning and he was being walked by a volunteer right in front of my car. Now, I have met a lot of dogs as I started my HHDR adventures in 2012, and was not looking to add another dog to my family, but it was like there was a bright light shining around him and I had to go pick up that little peanut. It was literally love at first sight.”

Cooper Bean 2.jpg

Cooper Bean went home that very night to meet the rest of the crew. Spoiler alert . . . . he was a perfect fit! His mom reports that he is “the sweetest, most playful pup with the best temperament that I have ever seen.”

He loves all people and all dogs he meets. Cooper Bean and his new canine brother, Billy (who is also small), play for hours together and chase each other in the backyard. He even plays with his larger doggie brother, who is a lab. Tug and fetch are his favorite games. And Cooper Bean never walks anywhere, he runs everywhere, usually always with a toy in his mouth.

Cooper Bean 1.jpg

His family took him for puppy training classes and he learned his manners well. He is the most behaved dog in his new pack and with no sentiment of surprise, his mom says that she’s never be in a bad mood with her Cooper Bean around, “He is always making us smile and laugh. Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly. Cooper Bean is the best!”

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Cooper Bean find a “New Leash on Life!”

A Buddy To Everyone

Buddy 1.jpg

Before making his way to HHDR last year, Buddy (formerly Roman) lived with a foster family in Texas for a couple of months. While there, he got a taste of fame when he found himself on a reality TV show! When Buddy’s foster family went away on vacation, he stayed with a family friend who was filming the show “Married at First Sight.” Buddy appeared on 4 episodes (season 7 with the Dodds).

In June 2018, Buddy was adopted by his forever family, including Mom, Dad, two human brothers, and canine sister. Coaly!vvWe are happy to share a pupdate about this amazing dog, who is truly making a difference in the world. After spending time bonding with his new family, Buddy went to boarding school for a month at Certified K9 to learn how to be a therapy dog. He then started“working” in September 2018 with his Mom at South Jefferson Middle and High School.

Buddy was named in loving memory of one of his Mom’s former students, Parker Leikam, an amazing young man who was beloved by his family, friends, and community. He spread joy at South Jefferson every holiday season by dressing up as Buddy the Elf from the movie “Elf”, passing out candy canes and reading to the children at the elementary school. Sadly, Parker was tragically killed in a car accident in 2016. When Buddy’s soon-to-be mom read his profile on the HHDR website describing him as a giant goofball who loves everyone he meets, she immediately thought of Parker and wanted to honor his memory by naming the dog Buddy. Below is Buddy with Parker’s mother, Kristin, on the “Buddy Bench”dedicated in Parker’s honor at South Jefferson. Buddy and his Mom hang out on the bench regularly to visit with students.

Buddy 2.JPG

Buddy takes his job as a therapy dog seriously. He starts with bus duty every morning, greeting the students as they arrive at school. Buddy helps his Mom in her own classroom every day,and her students spoil him with toys, treats, and lots of love. When the bell rings he happily visits with students in the hallways. Buddy knows instinctively when it is the lunch ladies’ break and heads down to the cafeteria to join them daily fora special lunch treat they make just for him. Buddy also works with a special education class helping the students learn about dogs and how to interact with them. Mom says that Buddy has improved the atmosphere at the school by providing comfort and spreading joy to the students, staff, and community.

Buddy 3.jpeg

Besides his work at the schools,Buddy also enjoys visiting an assisted living facility. Since he is so big,it is easy for those in wheelchairs to pet him.Many of the residents look forward to seeing him, as they had to leave their beloved pets behind when they moved into the facility.

When Buddy is done working for the day, he enjoys relaxing at home with his family. He loves to eat and has grown from 40 pounds at adoption to 125 pounds today! His favorite activity is digging, and he has dug bunkers all over his yard. He loves to be outside, no matter the weather. He refuses to come inside even when covered in snow in the bitter cold–he is kept warm by a double coat courtesy of being part Great Pyrenees. Buddy also enjoys bird watching and mud wrestling with his best dog friend, Novie. He has inspired his older canine sister Coaly to get off her recliner and play again. And of course, Buddy dearly loves his human brothers and follows them around the house and yard while they do typical boy things.

We are so proud of Buddy for doing such important work and spreading love and joy to everyone he meets. We are grateful to Buddy’s mom for all the time and effort she dedicates to his service dog mission at the schools and assisted living facility. We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Buddy find a “new leash on life!

Inspiring By Example

Trapper 1.jpg

Trapper made his way to HHDR from Alabama in April 2018 via our rescue partner Save a Stray. He was rescued after being found with his front right leg severely damaged, possibly from being caught in a trap. His leg had to be amputated, but he never lets that slow him down. In May 2018, Trapper’s Mom and Dad spotted his picture on our website, immediately knew he was the one for them, and were at HHDR within an hour to meet him. It was love at first sight for everyone, and he was adopted. We are happy to share a pupdate about this determined boy.

Trapper is very easy going and instantly made himself at home. He enjoys basking in the sun and napping in his “pup tent” during the day. He loves to cuddle with Mom and Dad on the couch and play with all the grandchildren. Sometimes while hanging out on the couch, he will get frisky and demand to play –he pokes with his front left leg, sits straight up, and makes noises as though he’s trying to talk.Trapper wants to play his way though, as he doesn’t care for fetch. He enjoys a few toys that he has deemed special enough to keep inside his pup tent.

Trapper 2.jpg

Trapper is an active dog who doesn’t realize he is missing a leg. He loves going for long walks around the neighborhood or in the woods. He supervises his parents in the garden and entertains himself in the yard burying and then digging up his bone over and over.

As a Southerner, he prefers hot weather and struggled to adjust to the cold and snow. He hid under a shed the first time he saw snow, but he now loves to romp in it. Trapper also loves to visit his friends at the dog park. He is very fast despite having only three legs and has a blast running and playing with big and small dogs.

Trapper’s parents said having him in their lives has restored that undefinable peace and happiness that only a dog can bring to a home. He has enriched their lives with his devotion and sweet personality. Trapper is ensuring that Dad gets a lot more exercise due to their long hikes in the woods. He has also helped Mom heal after her own health setback last year. Watching Trapper’s effortless ability to cope without a right leg and appreciating how he has figured out how compensate for that loss has inspired her in her own recovery. It’s clear this adoption was meant to be!

Trapper 3.jpg

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Trapper find a “new leash on life!”

Saving Stanley

Stanley 1.jpg

Stanley made his way to HHDR from Alabama in April 2017 via our rescue partner Save a Stray. His owner had to give him (age 6 at the time) and his doggie brother Toby (age 9) up due to health problems. An adorable Bassett mix with a mischievous personality, Stanley became an instant favorite at HHDR.

His previous owner warned he was skilled at escaping her house/yard, and we soon witnessed his knack for opening doors firsthand. One evening, when the dogs were roaming free around the rescue, Stanley somehow got the front slider door open and made a break for it . . . . followed by his sidekick Toby. Volunteers chased them until Toby tired out in the parking lot. Stanley was finally corralled in the vestibule of Shoppingtown Mall! Everyone was amazed at how fast and how far this stocky pup ran, and the “Thursday night great escape” earned him the nickname “Chubby Runner.”

Stanley 3.JPG

Eventually Stanley was adopted, but was returned after escaping twice in two weeks. While he was away, his brother Toby had been adopted. Stanley waited patiently for a family for over 3 months. Our staff and volunteers loved on him and kept him busy going on car rides and outings to keep his spirits up. Eventually one of our volunteers couldn’t resist any longer. After grieving the loss of her Bassett rescue several months prior, she became ready to open her heart to another dog, and Stanley was adopted in July 2017.

Despite his reputation as a talented escape artist, Mom was confident that her fenced in yard was secure. But sneaky Stanley managed to find a way out the very first day he was home! Mom and her sons took off chasing him through 22 acres of field and woods. They learned their lesson, and Stanley has not been without a leash since!

Stanley 2.jpg

Stanley is loved and spoiled. He happily joins Mom anywhere dogs are allowed and keeps his family laughing with his antics and “rat face.” His beagle sister Katie doesn’t play much at age 13, but they love spending time together relaxing. Stanley enjoys doggie daycare once a week to socialize and play with his friends. He loves to ride in the car, go hiking, play in the snow, lie by the pool, and take a long walk every night.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Stanley find a “new leash on life!”

Sheeba's The One

Sheeba 1.jpg

Sheeba lived here in Central New York until her original family’s circumstances changed. She came to HHDR to find a new life. Her new Mom spotted her photo on our website and knew instantly that Sheeba was the one! The whole family came in to meet her, fell in love, and adopted her that same day in July 2018. As Sheeba lovingly licked their faces on the drive home, they knew they made the right decision.

We are happy to share a pupdate about this sweet girl. Sheeba leads an exciting life of adventure with her forever family. She loves going for car rides, walking the trails near her house, “playing” with squeaky toys, going to PetSmart to pick out new toys, and eating peanut butter (or really any treat). She always makes her family smile, even when she steals all of her Mom’s blankets and snores all night.

Sheeba also makes her family laugh because she is very nosy –she insists on looking inside any and every bag that comes into the house! She’s not a huge fan of the snow or her winter coat, but this summer her family will take her camping and will see how she likes the beach.

Sheeba 2.jpg

Sheeba is a very smart, curious, loyal, and protective dog. She went to obedience school and learned many commands. She is able to sit, stay, shake, watch her family while things are going on around her, leave things on the ground when all she really wants to do is explore, and come when called while being distracted. Now she is learning how to speak on command.

Sheeba 3.jpg

Sheeba is very loving and enjoys snuggling on the couch. She makes her family feel loved with her warm greetings. Sheeba recently celebrated her 2nd birthday at her very own party with her grandparents and friends! She had presents, decorations, and doggie cupcakes. She also celebrated Halloween and Christmas with her own stocking and presents! Sheeba is truly a member of the family and is treated as a child to her parents and a sibling to her human brothers. Mom said the whole family loves Sheeba so much and couldn’t imagine life without her.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Sheeba find a “new leash on life!”

Penny For Your Heart

Penny 3.jpg

Penny (formerly Aubrey) was surrendered to a shelter in Alabama in March 2018 and soon made her way to HHDR via our rescue partner Save a Stray. We don’t know her backstory, but it is clear that this well-loved pup will be living the rest of her years with a forever waggy tail. Penny’s soon-to-be Mom fell in love at first sight upon seeing her photo on the HHDR website in April 2018. When Mom and Dad came to meet her and took her for a walk, Penny immediately rolled over for a belly rub, melting their hearts and earning an invitation to her forever home.

While Penny’s new parents loved her happiness and endless tail wag from the start, the first few months of adjustment weren’t easy. Penny had clearly never had rules prior to coming up North, so one-on-one training sessions were a must. Soon her parents learned the trick to a happy home for all –kongs, dog puzzle games, and lots of fetch to funnel that puppy energy away from Mom’s shoes!

Penny 2.jpg

Penny loves snow and is happiest after a big snowstorm. She is quite an athlete, and her Mom plans to take her to agility training to show off her moves. Penny has never met a dog she didn’t want to play with. She is delighted to go to doggie daycare a few days a week, where she has made many friends both human and canine.

Penny is very attached to her parents and follows them around everywhere they go. She loves sitting on their feet or in front of them on the couch, lining up just right to get her favorite chest and belly rubs. She is a quite loving and enjoys giving out kisses, especially when her parents return home. Penny sleeps at the bottom of the stairs every night.When her parents come downstairs in the morning,she is there ready to greet them with a wiggly butt and waggy tail.Everyday, her parents look forward to coming home from a long day at work to their little Penny love bug to get hugs and kisses and laugh at her silly antics. They can’t imagine life without her!

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Penny find a “new leash on life!”

Becoming Brother & Sister

Belle & Strider 1.jpg

Becoming Sister and Brother Belle (formerly Goldie Sox) and Strider (formerly Delta) made their way to HHDR from Texas via our rescue partner Underdog Express about 3 months apart toward the end of 2017. They went from being picked up as strays on the street to joining a loving forever family. We are happy to share a pupdate about these sweet pups who would become sister and brother.

Belle & Strider 3.jpg

Belle was adopted in September 2017 and is fond of“helping” Mom work on her laptop. She inspired Mom to become a volunteer at Helping Hounds. Mom and Dad loved their new addition and began to wonder if there was anything better than a dog's love. They realized the answer was yes -the love of two dogs! They soon returned to HHDR to find a sibling for Belle, and Strider joined the family in December 2017. Unfortunately, he had a rough start, testing positive for heartworm (despite being on preventatives). Treatment was tough on the whole family, but they got through it together,and Strider is happy and healthy now!He stays busy lying bythe front door, keeping a watchful eye on the family inside as well as on passing kids, squirrels,and delivery trucks.

Belle & Strider 2.jpg

Belle and Strider’s favorite activity is playing with each other! When they were adopted Mom and Dad lived in an apartment, but the family has since moved to a house where the pups have their own fenced in yard for running and playing. When they wear themselves out in the yard, they head inside to the two couches Mom and Dad pushed together so that the whole family of four can cuddle and watch movies together.

Mom and Dad said they have been humbled by Belle and Strider's love and devotion. Coming home even after an absence of half an hour is a full-blown celebration of wagging tails, doggie smiles, and many kisses. Life just feels more right as a family.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Belle and Strider find a “new leash on life!

Sweet Sisters

Addie Gretta 1.jpg

Gretta (formerly Ginger) and Addie both came to CNY from Texas. Gretta was adopted in June 2014, then Addie joined the family in January 2017. Their Mom is a long-time Helping Hounds volunteer. We are happy to share a pupdate on these sweet sisters.

Gretta and Addie are spoiled rotten by their Mom and Grandma. Gretta’s favorite things include “cookies” (treats), snuggling under the covers, going for walks, and a special toy meant for large dogs that she screams for. Addie’s favorite things include her purple fleece blanket and enrichment toys and puzzles.

Addie Gretta 2.jpg

These sisters are very busy pups-they go to work with Mom every day. They spend their Saturdays supervising farm chores while visiting Mom’s goat and horse. When they aren’t “working,” they enjoy being outside and going for long walks. One of their favorite places to hike and explore is the Cazenovia Art Park, which has lots of mud puddles to play in and toads to examine!

They love traveling in the car and head for the door as soon as Mom says “Do you wanna...?” These girls are very smart, mastering many commands including sit, down, high five, and shake (both paws). Gretta also knows crawl and sit pretty,and Addie knows dance. They both do agility work, including jump, balance mat, sit-stay-spot, and tunnel. Gretta loves agility so much that if her Mom works out,she will bug her until Mom gets Gretta’s "workout" toys out!

Addie Gretta 3.jpg

Mom loves these girls dearly and says their life together is “beyond amazing.” We are so thankful that Gretta and Addie found such a caring Mom as well as each other. We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Gretta and Addie find a “new leash on life!”

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