The Journey of Rescue Dogs Are Tales We Love to Tell

Welcome!  We are very excited to share this new blog with you.  This blog is dedicated to the story of rescue dogs . . . . specifically, the Journey of Rescue Dogs.  There are so many aspects to a rescue dog’s life and this is our spotlight for all of it.

The journey of a rescue dog can take many turns before they each find their own forever home.  Their journeys can start many places . . . . maybe it starts with a concerned neighbor, an overwhelmed owner, the police department, a veterinarian or a shelter worker or volunteer.  But regardless of how their rescue story begins, once they’re rescued, they embark on a journey toward a better life.

We believe in the potential of rescue dogs and look forward their happy endings and how they’ve enriched the lives of those around them.  Our job is to match each dog who enters our doors with the perfect human situation that is the right fit for each and every one.  When this happens, wonderful things unfold.  This is our space to share those stories with you. Thank you.