Lovable Little Loma

Loma 1.jpg

Loma made her way to HHDR from Texas in late July 2015 via our rescue partners. Before making the trek, Loma spent time with a foster family in Wichita Falls–she was his 50th foster dog to go on to be adopted!

Loma was adopted by her forever family in early August 2015. Her Mom and Dad found her to be the perfect addition to their family. She excitedly wakes them up every morning and greets them after work every evening. She loves to cuddle and sleeps with her parents every night, under the covers in the winter or sprawled out in the summer.

Loma is very active and athletic. She loves tennis balls and is incredibly fast,so she has a blast playing fetch. She enjoys chewing on her antlers and squeaky toys, especially when there is stuffing to rip out! Loma enjoys morning and evening walks to visit her neighborhood dog friends. Her life of adventure includes trips to the dog park, hiking in the Adirondacks, playing in NYC’s Central Park, and traveling down to Virginia.

Loma 2.jpg

She is also one smart pup! She knows many tricks: sit, stay, give paw,give other paw, lie down, roll over,and drop it. Her special tricks include“touch,” where she touches her nose against your palm. She also knows how to“sit pretty,”during which you might confuse her for a meerkat.

Loma 3.jpg

Loma had first traveled to HHDR with her sister, who was originally named Linda (now Peanut)–they were likely named after the city of Loma Linda in California. A few months ago, Loma’s Mom and Dad reached out to her sister’s forever family, and they all met up at the Jamesville Beach Dog Park for a reunion. The sisters are very similar in their looks (as the picture shows) and personalities and were so happy to get reacquainted!

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Loma find a “new leash on life!”