The Precious Gem: Ruby

Ruby 3.jpg

Ruby (formerly Waverly) made her way to HHDR from Texas in early 2017 via our rescue partner Underdog Express. She was picked up as a stray in Wichita Falls at the age of 7 months. After being rescued and spending a few weeks with a loving foster family, she packed her bags and caught a ride to CNY.

Ruby 1.jpg

In January 2017, Ruby was adopted by her forever family, including Mom, Dad, kitten sisters, and dog brother Onyx! Maybe it was because they had matching (Doberman) coats or just good personalities, but the moment they saw each other, Ruby and Onyx both performed play bows and began frolicking. They are now inseparable best friends.

They love having wrestling matches in the living room, especially when Dad joins in! About once a week, they will randomly start howling for no reason–their ballad usually lasts for about 5 minutes and leaves their parents in tears of laughter.

Ruby leads an exciting life of adventure. She is an avid collector of toys, marrow bones, and other treasures such as her Mom’s socks. She enjoys going to the Bark Park, especially when she meets friends wearing the same style of coat (other Dobermans). Ruby loves hiking and exploring the woods and Catskill Mountains with her family.

She has adventures at her grandparents’farm in the North Country, where she enjoys playing with their dogs and other strange barn puppers, including Kate the horse and Bumblebee the alpaca. Ruby is smart, athletic, and affectionate. She knows English, Borks (her native tongue), Doggo Speak (a sophisticated hybrid of English & Borks), and a variety of hand signals for tricks. She is an excellent observational learner and learned many things (both good and mischievous) by watching her older brother.

Ruby 2.jpg

Ruby is a natural athlete who can keep up with her brother despite being 20 pounds smaller. She loves showing everyone how fast her zoomies are. When she slows down, she enjoys smothering her Mom and Dad with kisses and cuddles. Ruby is blessed to have gone from the “ruff” life on the run as a stray to the good life with a forever family that cherishes her.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Ruby find a “new leash on life!”