Another Chance for Chuck

Chuck 1.jpg

Chuck made his way to HHDR from Texas in September 2017 via our rescue partners. His journey to finding his forever home was full of ups and downs. Chuck was adopted by three different families in September, October, and November 2017, only to be returned each time. Our staff and volunteers worked diligently with Chuck on his behavioral problems while he waited and waited for another chance. In February 2018, another family fell in love with Chuck and took him home for good.

 We are happy to report that this handsome boy found a perfect fit. Thanks to Chuck’s human sister for sharing the following pupdate:

 When our family went into Helping Hounds 1.5 years ago, we were looking for a smaller-sized dog, and Dad preferred that our new family member not be an expert at shedding. Ironically, we came across Chuck. Half Great Dane, half Lab, this pup was not small, nor was he shy of leaving his hair everywhere. He came from Texas, so seeing how much he loved to play in the snow came as a surprise to us.

 Though he found a special place in our family, Chuck had been returned three times before due to a dominance issue. We knew what we were getting into when we adopted him. Chuck, on the other hand, would have to learn the hard way. With a military father and an emotional teenage girl who had no problem fighting over her food (Chuck’s greatest motivator of misbehavior), he would soon find out that he was not head doggo. Although he still gives me puppy dog eyes when I bake cookies, and he tip toes into the kitchen when he hears the fridge open, his begging, counter surfing, and dominance issues have subsided. Chuck loves to go on walks - no leash needed. He loves the company of humans and the attention he gets at gatherings. Recently, he’s also enjoyed befriending other dogs!

Chuck 2.jpg

 He goes to his place (his bed) when told, but some attitude may apply. When Dad uses the vacuum, Chuck comes over asking to have it used on him. When I use the vacuum, it becomes the enemy. Our little family is now complete with this versatile companion who acts like a lazy Great Dane indoors and a crazy Lab outside. We are so grateful that we chose exactly what we weren't looking for. Having a dog truly makes your house a home. Thank you so much for introducing my father to his bestest friend! 

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Chuck find a “new leash on life!”