Requesting Her Own Rescue

Deena 3.png

Deena (formerly Didina) made her way to HHDR from Texas in December 2017 via our rescue partners. Before she was rescued, Deena lived with an owner who treated her poorly. One day rescuers came to the house next door to pick up some dogs who had been abandoned. Realizing this could be her chance to escape, Deena walked over and jumped in their truck essentially requesting her own rescue! Although it wasn’t possible to take her that day, the rescue angels eventually convinced her owner to let her go. Deena enjoyed a few weeks in a foster home, then made the journey north to Central New York in hopes of finding a better life.  

Deena quickly endeared herself to HHDR staff and volunteers with her happy, loving nature and constantly wagging tail. She wrote a letter to Santa sharing her deepest wish for a loving forever home. Less than a week after arriving at HHDR, Deena was adopted by her new Mom and Dad.  

 We are happy to share a pupdate about this sweetheart. When Deena first went home, the emotional scars from being mistreated in her past life were evident. She cowered any time she heard a loud noise, and she had no idea how to play. Her new family helped her to adjust and learn how to live in a home filled with love. Deena is now very happy and well adjusted.

Deena 2.png

 Deena has settled in comfortably and is enjoying life with her family. She “talks” when she wants food/water, to go outside, or just attention. Deena loves to run in the yard and enjoys hard chew toys. Any time she gets a new toy, she immediately removes the squeaker. We are so proud of Deena for assertively requesting to be rescued and so happy she found the loving home she deserves.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Deena find a “new leash on life!”