Becoming Brother & Sister

Belle & Strider 1.jpg

Becoming Sister and Brother Belle (formerly Goldie Sox) and Strider (formerly Delta) made their way to HHDR from Texas via our rescue partner Underdog Express about 3 months apart toward the end of 2017. They went from being picked up as strays on the street to joining a loving forever family. We are happy to share a pupdate about these sweet pups who would become sister and brother.

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Belle was adopted in September 2017 and is fond of“helping” Mom work on her laptop. She inspired Mom to become a volunteer at Helping Hounds. Mom and Dad loved their new addition and began to wonder if there was anything better than a dog's love. They realized the answer was yes -the love of two dogs! They soon returned to HHDR to find a sibling for Belle, and Strider joined the family in December 2017. Unfortunately, he had a rough start, testing positive for heartworm (despite being on preventatives). Treatment was tough on the whole family, but they got through it together,and Strider is happy and healthy now!He stays busy lying bythe front door, keeping a watchful eye on the family inside as well as on passing kids, squirrels,and delivery trucks.

Belle & Strider 2.jpg

Belle and Strider’s favorite activity is playing with each other! When they were adopted Mom and Dad lived in an apartment, but the family has since moved to a house where the pups have their own fenced in yard for running and playing. When they wear themselves out in the yard, they head inside to the two couches Mom and Dad pushed together so that the whole family of four can cuddle and watch movies together.

Mom and Dad said they have been humbled by Belle and Strider's love and devotion. Coming home even after an absence of half an hour is a full-blown celebration of wagging tails, doggie smiles, and many kisses. Life just feels more right as a family.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Belle and Strider find a “new leash on life!