Penny For Your Heart

Penny 3.jpg

Penny (formerly Aubrey) was surrendered to a shelter in Alabama in March 2018 and soon made her way to HHDR via our rescue partner Save a Stray. We don’t know her backstory, but it is clear that this well-loved pup will be living the rest of her years with a forever waggy tail. Penny’s soon-to-be Mom fell in love at first sight upon seeing her photo on the HHDR website in April 2018. When Mom and Dad came to meet her and took her for a walk, Penny immediately rolled over for a belly rub, melting their hearts and earning an invitation to her forever home.

While Penny’s new parents loved her happiness and endless tail wag from the start, the first few months of adjustment weren’t easy. Penny had clearly never had rules prior to coming up North, so one-on-one training sessions were a must. Soon her parents learned the trick to a happy home for all –kongs, dog puzzle games, and lots of fetch to funnel that puppy energy away from Mom’s shoes!

Penny 2.jpg

Penny loves snow and is happiest after a big snowstorm. She is quite an athlete, and her Mom plans to take her to agility training to show off her moves. Penny has never met a dog she didn’t want to play with. She is delighted to go to doggie daycare a few days a week, where she has made many friends both human and canine.

Penny is very attached to her parents and follows them around everywhere they go. She loves sitting on their feet or in front of them on the couch, lining up just right to get her favorite chest and belly rubs. She is a quite loving and enjoys giving out kisses, especially when her parents return home. Penny sleeps at the bottom of the stairs every night.When her parents come downstairs in the morning,she is there ready to greet them with a wiggly butt and waggy tail.Everyday, her parents look forward to coming home from a long day at work to their little Penny love bug to get hugs and kisses and laugh at her silly antics. They can’t imagine life without her!

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Penny find a “new leash on life!”