Inspiring By Example

Trapper 1.jpg

Trapper made his way to HHDR from Alabama in April 2018 via our rescue partner Save a Stray. He was rescued after being found with his front right leg severely damaged, possibly from being caught in a trap. His leg had to be amputated, but he never lets that slow him down. In May 2018, Trapper’s Mom and Dad spotted his picture on our website, immediately knew he was the one for them, and were at HHDR within an hour to meet him. It was love at first sight for everyone, and he was adopted. We are happy to share a pupdate about this determined boy.

Trapper is very easy going and instantly made himself at home. He enjoys basking in the sun and napping in his “pup tent” during the day. He loves to cuddle with Mom and Dad on the couch and play with all the grandchildren. Sometimes while hanging out on the couch, he will get frisky and demand to play –he pokes with his front left leg, sits straight up, and makes noises as though he’s trying to talk.Trapper wants to play his way though, as he doesn’t care for fetch. He enjoys a few toys that he has deemed special enough to keep inside his pup tent.

Trapper 2.jpg

Trapper is an active dog who doesn’t realize he is missing a leg. He loves going for long walks around the neighborhood or in the woods. He supervises his parents in the garden and entertains himself in the yard burying and then digging up his bone over and over.

As a Southerner, he prefers hot weather and struggled to adjust to the cold and snow. He hid under a shed the first time he saw snow, but he now loves to romp in it. Trapper also loves to visit his friends at the dog park. He is very fast despite having only three legs and has a blast running and playing with big and small dogs.

Trapper’s parents said having him in their lives has restored that undefinable peace and happiness that only a dog can bring to a home. He has enriched their lives with his devotion and sweet personality. Trapper is ensuring that Dad gets a lot more exercise due to their long hikes in the woods. He has also helped Mom heal after her own health setback last year. Watching Trapper’s effortless ability to cope without a right leg and appreciating how he has figured out how compensate for that loss has inspired her in her own recovery. It’s clear this adoption was meant to be!

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We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Trapper find a “new leash on life!”