Saving Stanley

Stanley 1.jpg

Stanley made his way to HHDR from Alabama in April 2017 via our rescue partner Save a Stray. His owner had to give him (age 6 at the time) and his doggie brother Toby (age 9) up due to health problems. An adorable Bassett mix with a mischievous personality, Stanley became an instant favorite at HHDR.

His previous owner warned he was skilled at escaping her house/yard, and we soon witnessed his knack for opening doors firsthand. One evening, when the dogs were roaming free around the rescue, Stanley somehow got the front slider door open and made a break for it . . . . followed by his sidekick Toby. Volunteers chased them until Toby tired out in the parking lot. Stanley was finally corralled in the vestibule of Shoppingtown Mall! Everyone was amazed at how fast and how far this stocky pup ran, and the “Thursday night great escape” earned him the nickname “Chubby Runner.”

Stanley 3.JPG

Eventually Stanley was adopted, but was returned after escaping twice in two weeks. While he was away, his brother Toby had been adopted. Stanley waited patiently for a family for over 3 months. Our staff and volunteers loved on him and kept him busy going on car rides and outings to keep his spirits up. Eventually one of our volunteers couldn’t resist any longer. After grieving the loss of her Bassett rescue several months prior, she became ready to open her heart to another dog, and Stanley was adopted in July 2017.

Despite his reputation as a talented escape artist, Mom was confident that her fenced in yard was secure. But sneaky Stanley managed to find a way out the very first day he was home! Mom and her sons took off chasing him through 22 acres of field and woods. They learned their lesson, and Stanley has not been without a leash since!

Stanley 2.jpg

Stanley is loved and spoiled. He happily joins Mom anywhere dogs are allowed and keeps his family laughing with his antics and “rat face.” His beagle sister Katie doesn’t play much at age 13, but they love spending time together relaxing. Stanley enjoys doggie daycare once a week to socialize and play with his friends. He loves to ride in the car, go hiking, play in the snow, lie by the pool, and take a long walk every night.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Stanley find a “new leash on life!”