Sooper Cooper (Bean)

Cooper Bean 3.jpg

Imagine the feelings of relief and joy that rush through the heart of a dog who’s been adopted. Walking out of a shelter or rescue in the safe arms of a human who loves you and who has promised you the best life is a comfort like no other. When your human has been a dedicated Helping Hounds Volunteer for six years and then turned her passion for rescuing dogs into a Full-Time HHDR career, the emotional rush of adoption must bring with it so much security, too.

Cooper Bean (formerly Ramone) was found as a stray puppy in May 2018. He was sent to a shelter and picked up by Underdog Express for the Helping Hounds Transport program. He arrived in August of 2018 to HHDR and as his human mom recalls, “I came to work that morning and he was being walked by a volunteer right in front of my car. Now, I have met a lot of dogs as I started my HHDR adventures in 2012, and was not looking to add another dog to my family, but it was like there was a bright light shining around him and I had to go pick up that little peanut. It was literally love at first sight.”

Cooper Bean 2.jpg

Cooper Bean went home that very night to meet the rest of the crew. Spoiler alert . . . . he was a perfect fit! His mom reports that he is “the sweetest, most playful pup with the best temperament that I have ever seen.”

He loves all people and all dogs he meets. Cooper Bean and his new canine brother, Billy (who is also small), play for hours together and chase each other in the backyard. He even plays with his larger doggie brother, who is a lab. Tug and fetch are his favorite games. And Cooper Bean never walks anywhere, he runs everywhere, usually always with a toy in his mouth.

Cooper Bean 1.jpg

His family took him for puppy training classes and he learned his manners well. He is the most behaved dog in his new pack and with no sentiment of surprise, his mom says that she’s never be in a bad mood with her Cooper Bean around, “He is always making us smile and laugh. Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly. Cooper Bean is the best!”

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Cooper Bean find a “New Leash on Life!”