Worth The Wait

BUddy 4.jpg

Buddy was picked up as a stray wandering the streets of Manlius, in November 2015, he spent a few weeks at Fayetteville Animal Hospital, and made his way to HHDR in December 2015. He appeared to be about 2 years old but still had the energy and goofiness of a puppy. His manners were lacking, as he didn’t realize his size when barreling into laps.

 The challenges were many: he was huge, rambunctious, faced stigma as a pit mix, and couldn’t live with other dogs, cats, or young children. As weeks at HHDR turned to months, his spirit began to waver. Our volunteers rallied to help cheer him up, giving him extra cuddle time and taking him on extra outings. One dedicated volunteer even stepped up to foster Buddy. While enjoying a break from the shelter environment, Buddy studied hard and was trained to walk on a leash without pulling, sit and wait patiently, and more. He returned a true gentleman with stellar manners, and we promoted him in videos and showed him off at parades and events. Yet still, Buddy remained nobody’s dog.

Original Buddy 1.jpg

 Finally, after 26 weeks of Buddy waiting patiently at HHDR, a caring dog-lover saw his video online and came in to meet him in June 2016. Buddy had endured one of the longest stays in HHDR history, but in the end, we realized it had been worth the wait to find his true forever family. Our staff and volunteers cried happy tears and celebrated the day Buddy left with his new mom once the adoption became official. We are happy to share a pupdate about this special boy who holds a dear place in our hearts.

Buddy’s favorite thing is to be with his people. He’s happy to sit at Dad’s feet for hours. He loves to play ball outside when it’s nice out, but during the winter he prefers snuggling up on the couch with Mom. Buddy’s favorite treat is carrots. He knows when it’s time for his special treat – he waits by the refrigerator like clockwork. He is so excited to get a carrot, you’d think it were a T-bone steak!

Original Buddy 2.jpg

When Buddy first came home, he settled in as Mom’s special Buddy Boy, while his Dad was living and working in another state. The first time Dad came home to meet Buddy was memorable, as Buddy broke the rules and jumped up on Mom’s bed to stake his claim as “man of the house.” Dad and Buddy quickly bonded once Dad moved home. Although Dad never had a pet as a child or was around dogs much before, he and Buddy grew close and now share a heartwarming connection.

Original Buddy 3.jpg

 Buddy’s mom said she truly feels that he came along at the perfect time in her life. She didn't think she was ready for another dog after having recently helped her previous dog to the Rainbow Bridge, but as soon as she saw the video “Buddy Needs a Home,” she knew she was meant to give Buddy his forever home. Mom said Buddy proves himself as the best dog ever on a daily basis and she doesn't know what their family would do without him.  

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Buddy find a “new leash on life!”