Abby's Knowing Smile

Abby 1.jpg

Abby (formerly Mona), made her way to HHDR from Alabama in late April 2018 via our rescue partner Save a Stray. Not much is known about Abby’s life before she was rescued at age 2, other than she had been a mother at some point. After 2 weeks with us, Abby’s lucky day arrived. A family whose house felt empty after their yellow Lab passed away months before, had been encouraged to check out HHDR. They came in “just to look” and fell in love with Abby!

After bringing Abby home, her new family realized she had been mistreated at one point because she would cower if someone spoke loudly to her or reached for her. They knew they would have to gain Abby's trust and reassure her she was in a safe and loving home. Abby soon settled in, taking to her new Dad immediately and making friends with the grandchildren. She is the family’s first rescue, and she quickly became queen of the house! About a month or so after adopting Abby, Mom and Dad were saying how they hoped she liked her new home and knew she was loved. They looked down and Abby broke out in this big smile.

Abby 2.jpg

Abby stays busy playing with squeaky toys and patrolling her yard. She tosses her toys in the air and pounces on them, practicing hunting for small prey. When there is an animal intruder in her yard, she goes into stealth mode, moving in slow motion, step by step to sneak up on a bird, mole, or rabbit before pouncing. Abby also enjoys running laps around the yard – she suddenly breaks into a sprint at record speed and then nonchalantly walks to the door once she’s done.

Abby 3.jpg

Inside, Abby rules the house. She loves looking out the window, being underfoot when Mom is in the kitchen, and napping on the furniture. At night, she goes right into her crate when told “it's night night time!” We are so thankful that Abby and her family found each other.

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Abby find a “new leash on life!”