Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Rusty 3.jpg

Rusty first made his way to HHDR from Texas in September 2016 via our rescue partner Underdog Express. He was adopted the day he arrived and lived happily with his new family for a year and a half. Rusty was returned to us in March 2018 due to a family member’s health problems. We welcomed him back and prepared to find him a new loving home.

 Rusty was struggling with allergies that had caused much of his hair to fall out leaving large bald spots. He stayed at the rescue for a couple months receiving medication and special prescription food to clear up his allergies. While our staff and volunteers fell in love with his amazing personality, Rusty’s unusual appearance led many potential adopters to overlook him.

Rusty 1.jpg

 Finally, a special couple saw past Rusty’s skin issues and recognized the beautiful spirit within. In May 2018, he was adopted. Rusty was thrilled to join his forever family and head home to a large yard all his own. His new Mom and Dad had lost their last fur baby about five years prior and couldn’t imagine giving their hearts away again. But when they saw Rusty’s face on the HHDR website, they knew he belonged with them. We are happy to share a pupdate on this sweet boy. His hair grew back and he put on some weight as he continued to recover from the allergies. He is now healthy and very handsome.

 Rusty loves going for long walks, playing catch in the yard, and visiting the nearby creek. He is always excited to jump in the car for a ride, even if it's just down the road. He will squeak one of his toys to get his parents to pay attention if they are watching television. He is an extremely friendly dog and greats everyone with a tail wag.

Rusty 2.jpg

 Rusty’s parents said he has made a huge difference in their lives. He made their home complete. Now they are thinking about returning to HHDR to find him a playmate. We are thankful Rusty’s parents knew that beauty is more than skin deep.

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Rusty find a “new leash on life!”