From Chained to a Tree to Sleeping on Her Own Couch

Sasha 3.jpg

Sasha made her way to HHDR from Texas in December 2017 via our rescue partner Love on Wheels. Before she was rescued, Sasha's life was a sad and lonely one, chained to a tree outside. When her freedom day finally arrived, it was almost too late, as she was emaciated, had pneumonia, and was infested with multiple parasites including heartworm. At first, her rescuers feared she might not survive, but Sasha is a true fighter! She battled her way through her many medical issues. However, she still needed to learn how to trust and love again.

Sasha 1.JPG

 After months of tender loving care from a dedicated foster family, Sasha was ready for the journey North to start a better life. She was adopted the day she arrived at HHDR by her forever family. We are happy to share a pupdate about this remarkable girl.

 At first Sasha, was a bit shy and reserved in her new home, but she instantly took to her younger (but larger) furry brother, TJ, and then gradually warmed up to the rest of the family as well. She enjoys going on long walks, hanging out in the backyard, playing with her fur brother, and making new friends at doggie daycare. Sasha loves to bark at absolutely nothing, sometimes in the middle of night, which her family is used to because it’s a Pyrenees thing! She is great at letting her parents know when a visitor comes down the driveway, a neighbor gets in their car, or a leaf blows in the yard.

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 Sasha loves to hang out in her Dad's office and sleep on the couch during the day. She made it very clear to her family that it’s her couch! At the end of the day she waits at the door for her Mom to get home from work. Sasha’s family said she is so sweet and loving, and they feel blessed to have her. They believe that when Sasha is sleeping peacefully on “her couch,” she no longer remembers those bad days from her old life chained to a tree.

 We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Sasha find a “new leash on life!”