"Tri-Pawed" Trooper

Ghost 1.jpg

Ghost (formerly Kat) made his way to HHDR from Texas in February 2018 via our rescue partners. He was 2 years old and had lost his entire front right leg, but he was a trooper and never let that slow him down. Ghost’s regal good looks and friendly husky nature charmed the HHDR staff and volunteers. In March 2018, Ghost was adopted by his forever family, consisting of his new Mom, Dad, 3 human siblings, and 3 cats.  

We are happy to share a pupdate about this handsome boy. Born and raised in Texas herself, Mom is assertive and was able to provide the firm boundaries Ghost needed to thrive (after having been adopted previously, but returned for dominant behavior). On the second day in his new home, Ghost jumped on to the couch and growled to establish his territory. Mom marched over to him, told him “you don’t know who you’re messing with,” and grabbed his collar to guide him off the couch. Mom seemed to earn Ghost’s respect and became his “person” in that moment.   

Ghost 2.jpg

Ghost is Mom’s loyal shadow, escorting her to the door every morning as she leaves for work, watching her leave from the window, waiting in the window for her arrival after work, and greeting her as she comes inside. During the day Ghost patrols the house and plays with the cats while he waits for the kids to get home from school. At night, he sleeps at the foot of the stairs, protecting his family.  

Ghost loves going hiking, chasing rabbits, and hanging out in the front yard under his favorite tree where he interacts with neighbors and their pets as they walk by. He earned the nickname “wolf dog” because he tilts his head back and howls along with sirens in the distance. Ghost is very friendly and lovable. He enjoys socializing at local stores, especially Lowe’s and Petsmart where he is affectionately known as the “tri-pawed.”  

Ghost 3.jpg

Mom said Ghost is silly, smart, mischievous, and loving, and fits perfectly into their crazy family. She called adopting Ghost the best decision she has made in years. We are so happy that Ghost has found such a wonderful forever home.  

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Ghost find a “new leash on life!”