Gentle Giant

Thrym 2.jpg

Thrym (formerly Dozer) made his way to HHDR from Texas in April 2018 via our rescue partner Love on Wheels. He was adopted within a few days and was thrilled to join his forever family consisting of his new Mom, Dad and cat siblings! We are happy to share a pupdate about this big boy.

The name Thrym is of Norse origin and means “giant,” which is very fitting for him given his size. Thrym has a big personality to match his big frame. He likes to pull blankets off the couch and fluff them just so to make a comfy bed. He also likes to sneak in the guest room and fashion the guest bed comforter into a cozy bed. Thrym is a master of grunting, groaning, and sighing. When he finally finds the perfect spot on the couch, he lets out a mighty sigh and groan as he settles in. He also delivers expert “super sad dog face” complete with pouty eyes. Thrym is a smart boy who did very well in obedience class.

Thrym 1.jpg

Thrym loves car rides, walks, running with other dogs, and sleeping in the bed with his parents. He also enjoys laying in the cool dirt after digging a hole and sniffing around the kitchen counter in search of food that was accidentally left out. He loves bones from the Farmers Market, but he doesn’t like to lay down and chew them. He prefers that Mom or Dad hold his slimy bone for him. Here he is requesting a hand:

Thrym enjoys his daily routine. Every morning when Mom comes downstairs he knows to go to his room - yes, he has his own room! He enjoys going on adventures too. He has gone on camping trips as well as a 10-mile hike along the Erie Canal Trail. He also tags along with Mom and Dad as they attend Viking reenactments during which the whole family, including Thrym, dresses up.

Thrym 3.jpg

Thrym’s parents said they love their big goofus and all the smiles he brings. They have enjoyed seeing his personality and quirks develop as he settled in to his new home and started to grow out of being a puppy. We are grateful Thrym has found his forever home and wish him and his family many more fun adventures together.  

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Thrym find a “new leash on life!”