River's Adventures in Ithaca

River 2.jpg

River made his way to HHDR from Alabama in August 2018 via our rescue partner Save A Stray. He arrived at the age of 19 weeks and was adopted after spending just one night with us. He was so happy to go home with his new Mom and Dad!

When he was first adopted, River was quite timid around strangers (especially men), but he has grown more comfortable and secure with time. He now lets people pet him and give him treats upon a first meeting. River has made countless friends around his parents’ apartment complex, where he is lovingly known as Scooby.

River leads an active, adventurous life in Ithaca. His favorite activities are hiking, trail running, and swimming in any water deep enough for him to dive in. He is always very busy on walks, toting along a stick or chasing neighborhood squirrels. River periodically travels with his Mom and Dad to visit his grandparents, where he enjoys walking along the beach and snuggling with their dog.

River 1.jpg

River’s parents ensure he gets all the mental and physical exercise that a healthy growing puppy needs. He has learned all of the basic commands. River goes to doggy day care once a week to play and puppy class every weekend for socialization. He relaxes by letting loose at the dog park, running around with his dog friends.

River’s parents describe him as 38 pounds of pure love – bringing nothing but joy, excitement, and adventure to their lives. He is blessed to have such a loving forever family that gives him a truly rich life.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like River find a “new leash on life!”