Healing Hearts

Indigo 1.jpg

Indigo (formerly Blue Boy) came to HHDR from right here in CNY. His eventual Mom was an HHDR volunteer. She knew right away that this tiny puppy was special. Every time he looked at her, she felt him communicating, “you are my new Mommy.” But she resisted his adorable puppy eyes because the family’s dog, HHDR alum Vern, was very sick at the time and they were focused on his final days. Sadly, Vern passed away, only three weeks after suddenly developing an illness, and the family was devastated.

Mom returned to HHDR for a volunteer shift, and much to her surprise, Indigo had not yet been adopted. And he still seemed to be communicating to her with his sweet eyes. Mom felt it was divine intervention and brought him home that same day! In May 2016, Indigo joined his forever family, including Mom, Dad, and dog sister Shanti. The family believes that Indigo picked them – he was waiting to heal their hearts after the loss of their beloved Vern. He found them at the perfect time, just when they needed him.

Indigo 2.jpg

We are happy to share a pupdate about this sweet boy. Indigo loves to play! He would chase balls and toys all day if you let him. He's an exceptional Frisbee dog. Indigo loves playing in the water. He often sits in the family’s pond and enjoys going to beaches. He could run and swim all day – especially if you throw a ball in the water for him.

Indigo 3.jpg

Indigo and his dog sister Shanti (formerly Jamey, another HHDR alum) have a blast together. They are pretty competitive about toys. Shanti is the boss and keeps the best toys with her. Indigo will go to the door and bark like something is there. When Shanti runs to the door to see what's going on, Indigo runs back and grabs the toy that Shanti had been guarding. She falls for it every time!

Indigo’s family says he is the most content, happiest dog they have ever had. He just wants to play and snuggle! He brings so much happiness with his amazing smile. Indigo’s story is a prime example of “who rescued who?”

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Indigo find a “new leash on life!”