Sheeba's The One

Sheeba 1.jpg

Sheeba lived here in Central New York until her original family’s circumstances changed. She came to HHDR to find a new life. Her new Mom spotted her photo on our website and knew instantly that Sheeba was the one! The whole family came in to meet her, fell in love, and adopted her that same day in July 2018. As Sheeba lovingly licked their faces on the drive home, they knew they made the right decision.

We are happy to share a pupdate about this sweet girl. Sheeba leads an exciting life of adventure with her forever family. She loves going for car rides, walking the trails near her house, “playing” with squeaky toys, going to PetSmart to pick out new toys, and eating peanut butter (or really any treat). She always makes her family smile, even when she steals all of her Mom’s blankets and snores all night.

Sheeba also makes her family laugh because she is very nosy –she insists on looking inside any and every bag that comes into the house! She’s not a huge fan of the snow or her winter coat, but this summer her family will take her camping and will see how she likes the beach.

Sheeba 2.jpg

Sheeba is a very smart, curious, loyal, and protective dog. She went to obedience school and learned many commands. She is able to sit, stay, shake, watch her family while things are going on around her, leave things on the ground when all she really wants to do is explore, and come when called while being distracted. Now she is learning how to speak on command.

Sheeba 3.jpg

Sheeba is very loving and enjoys snuggling on the couch. She makes her family feel loved with her warm greetings. Sheeba recently celebrated her 2nd birthday at her very own party with her grandparents and friends! She had presents, decorations, and doggie cupcakes. She also celebrated Halloween and Christmas with her own stocking and presents! Sheeba is truly a member of the family and is treated as a child to her parents and a sibling to her human brothers. Mom said the whole family loves Sheeba so much and couldn’t imagine life without her.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Sheeba find a “new leash on life!”