Chasing Tennis Balls . . . . and Dreams!

Cammie 2.jpg

Cammie (formerly Samantha) made her way to HHDR from Texas in August 2016 via our rescue partners. She had been surrendered to Texas Pit Crew from an animal hoarding situation when she was about 8 months old. She was adopted the day she arrived at HHDR, but was later returned due to aggression toward cats. Cammie spent the Fall with us and became a staff and volunteer favorite due to her exuberance and unparalleled love of chasing tennis balls. After writing a letter to Santa, she was adopted again in early December 2016. However, she was returned in February 2017, this time due to being highly reactive to moving vehicles. Finally, in March 2017, the dream of a forever home that Cammie had been chasing finally came true! She happily headed home with her new Mom, Dad, and dog brother Jax.

We are happy to share a pupdate about this energetic girl. Cammie's absolute favorite activity is still chasing a ball – be it on grass, snow, or even water! She has become an avid swimmer after spending weekends at her grandparents’ house on Skaneateles lake. She enjoys going for rides in the car and gets excited any time she hears Mom or Dad ask, “do you wanna…?” Cammie loves hanging out with her older beagle brother Jax and stays busy supervising Mom’s young nieces and nephews. She is always up for a romp around the yard, but she’s also happy snuggling up in bed or on the couch with Mom and Dad.

Cammie 3.jpg

Mom said Cammie is the best dog they could ever imagine. Cammie is very smart and trainable. Her parents admire her versatility and willingness to try new things, whether it be jumping off the dock into the lake or visiting the barn to meet horse friends. Thanks to her never-ending energy, Cammie has inspired her parents to be more active.

Cammie has also helped her parents cultivate patience. Despite having great overall "factory settings," Cammie did have some behavioral issues she needed to overcome. Fortunately, her parents took the time to understand her strong herding instinct and other factors that led to bad habits. Thanks to their dedication and lots of positive reinforcement for good behavior, Cammie was able to work through her dislike of cats and her reactivity to moving vehicles.

Cammie 4.jpg

Cammie’s parents said they hit the jackpot with their girl. She has not yet met a person who hasn't fallen in love with her thanks to her sweet, loving, happy-go-lucky attitude. We are so grateful that Cammie found her forever family and the unconditional love – and willingness to endlessly throw her tennis ball – that she deserves.

We appreciate your support in helping dogs like Cammie find a “new leash on life!”